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We believe it is to everyone’s benefit that all drivers have access to affordable auto insurance, regardless of their social, economic, or legal status. The advice of our insurance experts will help you to find the best auto insurance rate for you and your family. Call us today and let us help you!


Consider factors that affect your car insurance bill

A number of auto insurance requirements apply if you are getting a new car financed, so you have little wiggle room there. But, if you are driving an old car that’s done some long hauling and isn’t worth a fortune, you could consider saving on your premium.

Think about what it could cost if your car were stolen, or wrecked, or if you or someone else got hurt.
Calculate the cost of insuring a new luxury car before you buy it. If your new vehicle is worth that hefty premium, go for it.
You may choose to look for something else.

You can’t help where you live, but you will pay a premium in cities where crime and accident rates are high, as opposed to small towns or the countryside.
If you haven’t found someone special to settle down with, it might show on your car insurance bill.
Single males under 25 are the worst off in this regard, as they are considered riskier drivers.
If you do fall in this category, you should consider a more sensible vehicle; delay buying that Mustang until you are 26, and married!

Insurance Quotes and Multiple Drivers

It is often assumed that all drivers live at the primary residence and all vehicles are parked at this address.
If either one of these is not true the rate will be affected. Often companies state that the insured drivers must have verifiable driving records. This means if no record can be found the rate could likely increase.